“I have saved thousands of dollars in legal fees alone! I’ve been on the CDL Protection Plan since 5/18/05. On 7/14/05 I got an 82 in a 70 mph Speeding ticket in Lebanon, Missouri. I didn’t have to go to court and the Legal Department got it dismissed with no points on my license and a Plea to Defective Equipment. I never had to pay any attorney fees for as long as it took to fight the ticket and for the several times the attorney went to court to get the case dismissed”

William Sweat, Bass, NC. #477742

“I would not have my driving career if it wasn’t for your Traffic Attorneys protecting my CDL in different states. Thank you so much.”

Tim Warr, TN. #158920

“At first, I was the biggest skeptic until I decided to give it a try. My citation got reduced with no points on my license. Now I highly recommend this protection and won’t go on the Road without it.”

Earl Weis, Beulaville, NC. #496819

I was on I-285 in Atlanta, GA.  I was bobtailing and a four-wheeler stopped right in front of me.  I couldn’t maneuver, because there were vehicles around me.  I ended up rear-ending her.  My TVC Lawyer got it essentially reduced to a non-moving violation.  I paid a fine, but no points showed up on my driving record.

– Brandon S. Chicago, IL

I’ve been a member with TVC for only four months when I got pulled over for doing 70 in a 55 (not one of my proudest moments). Along with my license, medical card and registration I gave the officer my TVC membership card. He asked what that was. I also told the officer that I have a lawyer and they back me up in any state. He went back to his car for a short time. He ended up just letting me go.

– Jeff G. Speeding 70/55

Recently, I received a speeding ticket for going 72 in a 55 mph zone in the Atlanta area. TVC represented me to verify a course of action. The lawyer was able to reduce the charge to 62 miles per hour, so I would not get any points, and the fine that I had already paid was returned to my lawyer uncashed. You can bet that I’m one happy customer and I would recommend this service to everyone driving!

– Richard M. 72/55

I’ve been a member for maybe 5 years.  I had two tickets one in California where the speed limit is 55, but I was going 62.  But my ticket is dismissed.  And in Texas on Hwy 287 the speed limit was 45 and I was doing 55, but this one is also dismissed.  I got no points on my record.

– Uncar Singh, Speeding Tickets

I’ve been a member for 5 or 6 years this time around. My last ticket was really an entrapment ticket. You know, sometimes you make those turns and you don’t know you’re not allowed on that road until you make that turn. You’re committed and they are sitting down the street there waiting on you. I was able to get out of it by getting it reduced to an equipment violation. No points. I’ve had other tickets dismissed completely. TVC is the best. These days, I wouldn’t leave without it. And that’s the truth.

– Kevin J. Entrapment Ticket

Since I’ve been with them, they’ve got me out of some rough tickets. I always tell somebody TVC is the way to go. My name is William M and I thank you very much.

– William M. Dallas, TX

I’ve been a member for almost 6 years. They help me a lot. They are always there when I need them. In Illinois, the state police stopped me on I-65. I have a small TVC sticker on the side of my window by my mirror. When he sees the sticker he goes,
Oh, you with these guys?” I said, “Yeah, I’m with them”. He said, “Oh, okay. That’s good. You have a like a nice day. You can go just slow down”.

– Felipe DeVargas Cop Sees TVC Logo on window