CDL Traffic Violation Consultant

How a CDL Traffic Violation Consultant Can Help You

As a trucker, you’re on the road a lot making a living, and because you’re logging in those miles, you will eventually find yourself in a circumstance beyond your control. It may not be your fault that you violated a regulation or some obscure law, but still, you and your company (the one your drive for or yours as an owner operator with your own authority) both are the ones facing the CSA / PSP penalty points. Your CDL commercial license and both the CSA and PSP safety ratings are the keys to your livelihood, and you don’t want to jeopardize neither in any way.

However, you may run into a situation where you’re at risk of losing your license temporarily, perhaps even permanently or looking at a major fine (for a company these fines can be over $30,000). As a small trucking company or carrier, you and your drivers may have been hit with too many drivers vehicle examination reports (inspections levels I, II, or III) or warning citations that you can’t do anything about in courts with a lawyer. If you find yourself in such a bind, a CDL traffic violation consultant is the professional you need for assistance with putting together CORRECTIVE ACTION PLANS or helping you erase CSA/PSP points. Here at the TVC Truckers Voice In Court office in San Antonio, Texas, we have the Best TVC Advisors in the USA that can explain the process of how our TVC legal department works for our CDL members as well as give you access to CDL Traffic Consultants who have a wealth of experience with traffic violation cases and corrective action plans. Our TVC advisors can discuss how a CDL Traffic Consultant can help you as either a driver or as a small trucking company.

A CDL Traffic Violation Consultant has the knowledge and skills that you can rely on to fight Traffic Violations and Inspection Reports to protect your CDL or small Trucking company from any CSA / PSP Safety ratings liability or Audits that might arise as a result of bad inspections and warnings. These CDL Traffic Consultants provide a layer of protection from DOT Federal Motor Carrier Regulations that every driver or small Trucking company should have at their disposal. A CDL Traffic Violation Consultant will find out the circumstances, explore a defense or Corrective Action for you, explain the plan, and then put it into action without delay.

If you wish to learn more, please call TVC Truckers Voice In Court; and a TVC advisor will be happy to answer any questions.