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Stop Paying TicketsTVC Truckers Voice In Court Attorneys is your partner and source of support when it comes to truckers’ defense and maintaining CSA and PSP safety ratings clean and accurate. Our CDL Traffic Consultants are Better Business Bureau A+ rated and bring decades of experience to each client we serve. With more than 17,000 lawyers across the USA and Canada, it’s easy to connect with a CDL traffic attorney near the court where you need one. Reach out today to find out how our CDL protection and CDL traffic ticket defense lawyers can help you with your cases and protect your CDL.

You can schedule a consultation, have information emailed to you, or become a TVC Member using our online application. Membership comes with benefits that can help you fight MVR violations, such as speeding, following too close, logbooks, overweight tickets, and more. Other services we provide include:

  • Local CDL Ticket Defense, including CDL Citations (Moving & Non-Moving)
  • Traffic Defense, including Class A, B, C, & D Drivers
  • Preexisting CDL Violations & Fee Estimates
  • TVC Pro-Driver Legal Plans
  • Commercial Drivers Legal Plans
  • Free Data Q Challenges

We now offer TVC membership Group Discounts for Texas Trucking Companies. Call your CDL Traffic consultant for other States and more details.

We Offer

  • CDLTraffic Ticket Defense Lawyers
  • CDL Defense for Moving and Non Moving Citations
  • Trial Defense for Truck Violations
  • 24/7 CDL Legal Protection and Assistance
  • 24/7 Bonds for Cash Appearance and Accidents
  • 17,000 Trucker Attorneys in all USA and Canada
  • Nationwide Local Traffic Ticket Attorneys
  • Fee Estimates on Pre-Existing CDL Violations
  • 27+ yrs.experience defending drivers in Court
  • 5,000 new cases processed monthly

CDL Traffic Tickets

Find out how TVC can help you defend yourself when you receive CDL traffic tickets, including moving & non-moving violations.

New TVC Membership

Become a TVC Member today and enjoy a host of benefits, including CDL legal protection Nationwide (to maintain a clean CSA/PSP rating and driving record), DataQ Challenges, fuel cards, special discounts, and much more. Discounted Group plans are now available for Small Trucking Companies. Call for Details.

Lawyers for Commercial License

Need to speak with an attorney about a ticket or violation? Just let us know – we have access to local lawyers throughout North America.

Helping You Stay Prepared

Accidents and Violations do happen to even the BEST Drivers.  TVC Truckers Voice In Court Attorneys helps CDL drivers stay prepared for anything and everything, including minor speeding tickets, serious citations, Accidents, mechanical and natural emergencies. We connect you with experienced trucker defense attorneys when something goes wrong, whether you’re driving for work or in your personal vehicle.

Every day we hear of another trucking company closing their doors due to CSA 2010 intervention, or another driver having their license suspended due to violations.  We know that the law is not on drivers’ side in many situations – it’s one of the reasons we offer CDL protection plans that help drivers guard themselves in the event of the unexpected. We offer successful solutions to these problems. You do have choices.  The process is simple and inexpensive.

We all know that the CDL is the most important item to keep income and the doors open.  It only makes sense to keep the CDL protected!!!  Keep money in your pocket where it belongs knowing you’ll never have to pay full price for an attorney – after the fact.  When you become a TVC Member, We offer:

  • Exclusive service that pays up to 100% for attorneys to fight speeding tickets, serious violations, and other CDL traffic violations.
  • 24/7 Access to affordable legal services for your personal or business matters.
  • 24/7 emergency roadside services (non-CDL holding spouses included, free).
  • Discounts on fuel, car rentals, hotels, prescriptions, dental care, and much more.

Safety Wherever You Roam

Do you know what steps to take if you receive a ticket far from home? Few drivers have the time and money to go back to court. Many of them pay tickets without thinking about the consequences, forgetting about their rights and options. As highly experienced trucking ticket experts, we advise you–don't! Let us take care of the citation for you. With help from TVC, it’s easy to find traffic ticket defense attorneys in every city and state through which you drive.

It only takes one or two traffic violations for a CDL driver to learn they stand to lose thousands of dollars of lost income and increased insurance rates. Don’t spend hard-earned dollars to save pennies–after all, your livelihood depends on your license. Instead, turn to TVC Truckers Voice In Court Attorneys for assistance. Become a member today and discover the difference our protection plans can make in your future.

Going Where Your Insurance Company Doesn't

What would happen if you were ever involved in a serious accident--one in which people were seriously injured or even killed? Many innocent drivers suffer for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. CDL drivers have faced vehicular manslaughter charges due to technicalities, despite their expensive company insurance policies.

But with TVC on your side, you can rest easy knowing your best interests are protected, even in the worst-case scenarios. When push comes to shove, most companies will choose to protect their assets over their drivers. Many insurance companies pay only for injuries and damages–not fines or legal fees. TVC offers plans that fill these gaps by providing fast and easy access to trucker defense attorneys that can help.

Be a Proactive Driver

Are you a proactive driver? Proactive drivers believe in prevention and always plan for the unexpected. With the TVC Pro-Driver Plan, you can easily access resources and assistance previously available only to large corporations. It offers comprehensive commercial driver prepaid legal protection. That means justice is never limited to the size of your wallet.

What makes TVC Truckers Voice In Court Attorneys different from similar programs is that we do more than simply refer drivers to attorneys and provide discounts. Once your account is more than 24 hours old, we are the only company that can cap off your (and your spouse’s) legal fees up to 100%. This includes traffic ticket representations opened more than two weeks before your first court date or due date. Most importantly, we provide connections to ticket defense attorneys that can fight CDL tickets in any court with a 92% dismissal or reduction rate.

Our Mission

TVC Truckers Voice In Court provides the finest legal protection for truck drivers, go the extra mile in customer satisfaction, and walk drivers through the legal process from start to finish. You don't have to be an expert at fighting traffic violations. You’re free to focus on doing what you do best – driving.

Call us to enroll or fill out one of our form so we can guide you and ensure you will have a pleasurable experience with our legal department and get the most from your legal benefits and options to exercise your rights to earning a living.

Contact us today to learn more about our CDL protection plans, which offer affordable access to traffic ticket defense lawyers when you need them.