Discover Peace of mind with Little-Known Secrets that help Beat increasing Insurance Rates and emergencies on the road. We now offer the MCA Total Security motor club plan for drivers who do not have a pre-existing moving violation but would like to protect their driver’s license from points and at the same time get Hospitalization Cash Benefits. It doesn’t matter if you are concerned about protecting your driver’s license or your Personal Auto liabilities. Our MCA motor club plans offer the MCA Total Security motor club plan that empowers with peace of mind while driving the road.

Choose the MCA motor club Total Security plan. There are no contracts. We offer this unique membership coverage to fight your traffic tickets and protect you on the road from accidents!

We now offer "pay as you go" options. Not contracts or locked in memberships. Ask your agent or representative for details and about the many perks and benefits that come along with your MCA motor club total security Plan.

Get peace of mind against life's unpleasant surprises and rest easy knowing you are providing you and your family access to the best legal representation for traffic tickets, Emergency Roadside Assistance and Hospitalization Cash benefits for your personal vehicle and emergencies on the road.

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MCA Motor Club Total Security Plan

For $19.95 drafted each month from your credit card or bank account you receive:

This is a popular add-on choice among many TVC Pro-Driver members, local commercial drivers, business owners and ranchers who want more emergency reimbursements and hospital cash benefits.

Personal Passenger Vehicle Coverage

Covers Named Member only.

Roadside Assistance

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the U.S. and Canada.

  • Battery Boost
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Flat Tire Change
  • Lock-out Service
  • Towing Service up to 100 miles (RVs covered for up to $100)
    And Much More!

Call the toll-free number for MCA authorized sign and go service. We will pay the reasonable service charge for garage or service provider whenever you are prevented from driving your covered private passenger vehicle. If we cannot get this covered vehicle on its way within 30 minutes, we will have it towed, up to 100 miles, to the destination of your choice. Also, we will pay up to $100 to provide Emergency Road Service on RVs, Motorcycles, Trailers, and vehicle's with a load capacity of 1 ton or greater. (Dispatch only on 18-wheelers).

Trip Planning and Travel Reservations

MCA offers free easy to read, step by step computerized mapping services free of charge to Members. Simply fill out a Travel information card or call MCAs toll free number. This includes places of interest, resort, motel and hotel information found along your route. You also have a one-stop reservation service for airline travel, car rental, and hotel discounts.

Arrest Bond*

Your Motor Club Membership card may be used in lieu of cash bail up to $500 when involved in a traffic violation. ( Although this certificate will be accepted in many states, in some states arrest bond certificates are not acceptable. In Maryland the certificate is acceptable for $1000, in other states they are accepted for lesser amounts than $500.) Not required in California.

Bail Bonds*

MCA will arrange up to a $25,000 bond to release you when you are driving a vehicle and charged with a moving traffic law violation such as vehicular manslaughter or auto related negligent homicide. Simply call the toll-free number on the back of your membership card.

Attorneys Fees**

Motor Club of America will pay up to $2,000 for your attorney to defend you against police charges resulting from driving your covered auto:

  1. Up to $200 for covered Moving Violations
  2. Up to $500 covered auto related Personal Injury matters
  3. Up to $500 covered Vehicle Damage issues
  4. Up to $2,000 for covered auto related Negligent Homicide or Vehicular Manslaughter
  1. We now cover Pre-Existing Traffic Tickets for a handling fee of $295 per covered case. Must be a covered moving-violation such as speeding, lane violation, illegal turn, running a light, following too close, etc...received in any personal vehicle and with more than 6 business days before the court date. (Please call for estimates and details).

Stolen Vehicle Reward

MCA will pay a $5,000 reward for that protects your vehicle and discourages theft. The reward will be paid to the Law enforcement agency or individual responsible for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief. The reward is not payable to you, your family, or other members on your MCA membership.

Discounts on Prescriptions, Vision Care, and Dental

Our discount card is an easy way to help you and your family receive discounts on all of your Prescription, Vision, and Dental needs. You received a unique membership card allowing you to receive up to a 65% discount on prescriptions, up to a 50% discount on vision, and up to a 50% discount on dental procedures.

When you are injured in a covered accident that requires emergency treatment or hospital admission within 72 hours, MCAs Security membership provides:

Emergency Reimbursement Benefits

Receive up to $700 emergency cash for outpatient treatment as the result of an injury from a covered accident.

  1. $100 for Cast or Splints
  2. $100 for Lab Work
  3. $100 for Emergency Room
  1. $100 for Blood Transfusions
  2. $100 for Anesthetics
  1. $100 for X-rays
  2. $100 for Ambulance

Daily Hospital Benefit

$54,750 Hospital cash benefits. You will receive $150 per day beginning the first day you are hospitalized as a result of a covered accident for up to 365 consecutive days.

Accidental Death Benefit

As a member, you may enroll, free of charge, in one of three all accident AD&D coverage's to suit your needs:

  • You, as named member, up to $50,000; or
  • You and your spouse, up to $25,000 each, plus job retraining is available for surviving spouse in many cases; or
  • You for up to $30,000, your spouse for up to $15,000, and your children up to $3,500 each. Optional benefits include job retraining for surviving spouse, continuing child care and continuing education support.
  • Coverage election form must be completed and returned to home office before coverage goes into effect.

Coverage provided by Zurich Insurance Company of North America. See certificate of participation for details.

Travel Assistance Program

The named member receives the Travel Assist Program which assists worldwide with issues such as:

  1. Medical Evacuation
  2. Medical Repatriation
  3. Non-Medical Repatriation
  1. Return of Remains
  2. Visit to Hospital
  1. Return of Child
  2. Return of Companion

Coverage provided by Zurich Insurance Company of North America. See Travel Assist Description of Coverage for details.

This is a summary of services, please see service contract for exact details.

* In NY coverage is for service provided through our dispatch center only.
** This benefit is not available in NY.
*** Bond benefits are not available in CA and NY.
**** In NY benefit pays directly to our Provider Attorney for services up to the limit specified.

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